D. Gail Davis


Director of Education | Full Time

D. Gail Davis is the Director of Education at Pro Way Hair School.  Her initial vocation as an elementary and high school teacher in the Muncie Indiana School district would serve as a foundation for what would ultimately land her in her current position. Ms. Davis began her career in cosmetology upon obtaining her Cosmetology Diploma from Pro Way Hair School in 1989 and subsequently securing her licensure as a cosmetology teacher in 1990 also from Pro Way Hair School which was located in Memphis, Tennessee at the time and eventually becoming an instructor for Pro Way Hair School. After an impressive demonstration of industry knowledge, teaching ability and leadership qualities, Ms. Davis quickly became the Director of Education for Pro Way Hair School as well as a traveling director and teacher on the east coast. Ms. Davis made such an indelible impact on the ownership that she was offered the opportunity of partnership in Pro Way Hair School and has shared in the day to day operations and management of Pro Way Hair School since 1998. Their goal as partners is to educate, produce professionals, and infiltrate Georgia’s most honorable and upstanding citizens. Ms. Davis also holds an Associate Degree in Business from Shelby State in Memphis, Tennessee and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology from The Way College of Biblical Research in Rome City Indiana.

Gabrielle Caslin-Wimbush


Associate Director of Education | Full Time
Gabrielle Caslin-Wimbush serves as the Associate Director of Education. Ms. Caslin earned her Master of Cosmetology from Southern Crescent Technical College (formerly Griffin Technical College) in Griffin, Georgia and her Master Educator Instructors License from Michaels School of Beauty in Macon Georgia. Ms. Caslin began her career in the cosmetology industry as a stylist and salon owner who felt the pull of teaching and thus transitioned into the educational side of the industry first as an instructor and then as the Campus Director for an entire site. With 20 years of professional experience in the beauty and barber industry, Ms. Caslin is eager to bring students into the Hair Industry by using a unique combination of professional and educational experience and as someone who believes learning should never cease, Ms. Caslin is also currently pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.


Monty Bell


Master Barbering Instructor | Full Time

Mr. Monty Bell is a Master Barbering Instructor. Originally from Wichita, Kansas Mr. Bell developed a passion for barbering. While attending college in Florida, he made his passion official and obtained his master barbering license from Lively Technical college in Tallahassee, FL in 1997 eventually becoming manager and co-owner of multiple local barbershops. In 2010 Mr. Bell obtained his Barbering Instructor License from Roffler-Moler Hair-Styling College and immediately began his career as an instructor in Georgia. While Mr. Bell has had experience teaching in other schools, “I am surrounded by the best instructors and staff members who strive for excellence” he states. Mr. Bell adds “there is no comparison”.

Toshiba Palmer


Barbering/Cosmetology Student Educator Program lead Instructor | Full Time

Toshiba Palmer, attended Gordon Phillips Beauty School & Tri City barbering school in Philadelphia, Pa.  At 18 yrs. old, she opened “Toshiba’s Beauty and Barber Salon”, which included a barbering school program managed by her former Barbering Instructor.  At 21 Ms. Palmer relocated to Atlanta, GA and has worked in many salons and barbershops (Marion Summers Design Team, First Class Barbershop, Nubiance, and The Hair Zone) to name a few.   In 2001 Ms. Palmer was recruited by Luster products to become a platform artist for “S-Curl” then Wahl clippers.  In that same year Ms. Palmer began her journey of nonprofit work; “2nd Blessings Image Makeovers.”  She graduated from a training course at The Non-Profit Training Institute at Clark Atlanta and has spent years building a network of over 900 volunteers which include:  cosmetologists, barbers, students, schools, and shop owners reaching from Atlanta, Georgia to Birmingham, Alabama.  Ms. Palmer is a licensed educator of Cosmetology and Barbering.  She has taught at schools such as Atlanta Technical College, Paul Mitchell-ESANI, and other Atlanta area schools.   In 2013, Ms. Palmer completed the evaluator training with the National Accrediting Commission of Arts & Sciences (NACCAS) and now teaches Cosmetology and leads the Barber / Cosmetology Student Educator Program at Pro Way Hair School.  She recently became a registered provider of continued education classes for the state of Georgia. Ms. Palmer is committed to the pursuit of excellence in providing phenomenal training to upcoming professionals.

Cornelius Whitfield


Lead Barbering Instructor | Full Time

Mr. Cornelius Whitfield is the Lead Barbering Instructor at Pro Way Hair School. Mr. Whitfield has been a barber for over half of his life. Starting at the age of sixteen, Mr. Whitfield earned his Barbers License thru apprenticeship under the tutelage of his father.  Mr. Whitfield’s passion for his profession is the reason he choose to become a professional educator. He attended Pro Way Hair School and completed the Jr. Instructor Program in 2009. Mr. Whitfield believes in continual service to others as he regularly participates in Hosea Feed the Hungry as well as the 2nd Blessings Organization. Mr. Whitfield’s enthusiasm for the profession he has chosen is recognizable by the students he instructs as he works towards continued improvement in his students and himself.

Stacey Williams


Cosmetology Instructor | Part Time

Ms. Stacey Williams was born in to the field of cosmetology. Following in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother who were both cosmetologist at the age of 13 Stacey got her first job as a shampoo assistant at Hair Masters Hair Salon in Atlanta Ga.Stacey went on assisting all the way through high school. Upon graduation Stacey went on to attend ProWay Hair School where she obtained her Master Cosmetology Diploma in 2004. After opening a salon called Salon 119 and working in the field for 3 years Stacey knew that she had to go on and do more. At that time, she decided to return to Pro Way Hair School to obtain her Educator license in Cosmetology. Stacey found great pleasure in teaching in the industry that she loves so much. For the last 8 years she has dedicated time and energy to providing quality education to students breaking into the industry. With the opportunity to work with Salon 119, Aveda, Clinique, Golden Razor, and Ritz Confident Journey just to name a few Stacey, has defiantly proved she has what it takes to be successful in both the classroom and behind the chair.

Stacey is currently owner and operator of Confident Journey’s a non-profit organization that mentors to the youth through beautification and wellness.

Syreeta Hawk


Cosmetology Instructor 
Ms. Hawk, a Cosmetology Instructor with Pro Way Hair School, has always had a passion for cosmetology which began at a very young age. During her service in the U.S. Army in 1999, Ms. Hawk attended Central Texas College in Killeen, TX obtaining her Cosmetology license in 2001. In 2014, Ms. Hawk relocated to Atlanta, GA and attended Pro Way Hair School earning a Cosmetology Instructor license simultaneously while earning her Bachelor’s in Business Administration & Marketing degree from Strayer University in 2014. As an owner, operator, entrepreneur, Ms. Hawk has worked in multiple states and is licensed in Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas as a Master Cosmetologist and Cosmetology Instructor. Ms. Hawk lives by three mottos’; “You don’t fail until you quit” “Reach one teach one” and “Get what you came here for!” Ms. Hawk has been with Pro Way since 2017.

Allen Dumas


Barbering Instructor 
Mr.Dumas serves as a barbering Instructor at Pro Way Hair School. Also as a Certified Trichologist, Owner-BarbersPLUS+, Mr. Dumas has been professionally involved in the hair care industry for over 20 years. With that time, he has gained an invaluable amount of experience in the field. He completed his barbering training at the now legendary Brown’s Barber College. Upon completion, he went on to work in and manage some of the trendiest barbershops and salons in DeKalb County. Shortly thereafter, he had a grand opening of his own. With the many successes and accomplishments, he asked the question “How can this information be passed on?” He then decided to receive his instructor training at Profile Institute of Barber Styling. From there, he went on to live the African Proverb…each one-teach one-with integrity.

Syria Jones


Cosmetology Instructor 
Mrs. Jones has served as a Cosmetology Instructor with Pro Way Hair School since January 2018.

Joshua Nesbitt


Barber Instructor

Joshua Nesbitt is a Master Barber/ Master Educator with over 10 years of experience in the barber and beauty industry.

An original native of Atlanta, Ga Mr. Nesbitt attended Clark Atlanta University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and was also a 4-year starter on the Panther football team.

After a brief stint in the Arena Football League, Nesbitt decided to pursue a career in barbering. Nesbitt graduated from Rofler-Moler in Marietta, Ga as a Master Barber. After practicing the trade of barbering in the Buckhead area for 5 years, Nesbitt knew he had a higher calling beyond working behind the chair and decided to pursue a career as a barber instructor.


Now Mr. Nesbitt has been teaching for 5 years and has helped over 300 students in the Atlanta area obtain a Master barbers license. Nesbitt brings a fun yet informational style of teaching which lends itself to his self-proclaimed motto, “Learning is effective when laughter is involved”