Why are Career Placement Coordinators Important to Me?

The overall goal of the career placement office is to provide both the shop/salon and the job seeker with best fit possible based on personality, experience and skills.

The career placement office typically meets with students prior to graduation to discuss employment strategies. The placement director will help you develop an appropriate job-seeking approach depending on your education, skill levels and personal circumstances. This may include writing a resume, practicing interview techniques and providing job leads the placement director has already vetted.

Job Placement Assistance

The world of work and the beauty industry demand high standards for those who are successful. Job preparation and planning are vital to your training at Pro Way Hair School. Employers often contact the school for references, transcripts, and student abilities and skills when looking for prospective employees. The school aids students by posting job information along with responding to request for information about students and by making referrals. Career opportunities for students can be found by clicking ONLINE JOB BOARD, reviewing in-school job boards or via Pro Way Hair School social media. Please be advised that Pro Way Hair School does not and cannot guarantee employment.